Salt Lake City has quickly become one of the top destinations for those seeking a low-cost vacation. It's not without reason.

Salt Lake City is nothing short of an outdoor-lover's ideal. Salt Lake City, Utah's capital city, is set in an ice-covered Wasatch mountain range. It also, because of its world-class ski resorts, has even been the host of 2002's Winter Olympics.

The city also has a long and rich history. Salt Lake City. The city is home to the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is the center in religion of the Mormon faith. Every year, visitors visit from all over the globe to take in the stunning splendor of the historical Salt Lake Temple.

Although visitors are satisfied with the beauty and culture here, but there are so many more things to do in Salt Lake City. Apart from its unparalleled natural beauty and its significant role in American history, the city is a diverse variety of dining, arts and culture that competes with larger cities, often for less than half the price.

That's exactly why it's one of the top destinations in America to enjoy a low-cost holiday. With so much to offer tourists, Salt Lake City still remains an affordable destination to visit.

In this light, we decided Salt Lake City would be the perfect option to add to our budget Travel Guide series. Check out our top tips to visit Salt Lake City on a budget.

Take some time to explore the splendid attractions of this place, and make your trip worthwhile. While booking your flights to Salt Lake City, don’t just fool around restaurants and tall buildings. Instead, take a good note of what’s under the table.

Cheap and free things to enjoy within Salt Lake City

Like Denver, the majority of travelers come here to Salt Lake City to enjoy the outdoors. Salt Lake City is surrounded by an endless number of hiking trails, lakes as well as mountain ranges. It's a good thing that getting out (usually) does not have to cost you a cent.

Here are a few of our top outdoor places located in Salt Lake City.

  1. Great Salt Lake

It's only right that a visit to the capital city of Utah should be accompanied by a visit to the world's largest saltwater reservoir in the Western Hemisphere. It's the Great Salt Lake. Great Salt Lake is a well-known spot for residents to take in all kinds of activities, from bird watching to sailing and swimming. It is possible to reach the lake by going towards the other Antelope Island State Park, or Great Salt Lake State Park. Antelope Island is the better starting point for those who are hoping to spot wildlife, including bison, bobcats and coyotes. Make sure you pay cash, since there is a $10 entry cost per vehicle at Antelope Island State Park.

  1. Liberty Park

With Salt Lake City's most storied and most renowned park, residents do not have to travel far to enjoy the wonderful outdoors. The park is situated within Central City, Liberty Park's 80 acres have something for everyone's taste, including the running trails and playgrounds, horseshoe pits tennis and basketball courts BBQ barbecue grills and paddleboats to rent. Liberty Park is also home to the oldest aviary in America, which is that of the Tracy Aviary, where visitors are able to observe and discover more than 130 species of birds.

  1. Ensign Peak

For stunning panoramas in Salt Lake City, head to the Capitol Hill neighborhood and take the hike up to Ensign summit. This short hike is a little difficult at times, however, it is generally quite easy. Bring a snack and drink to enjoy the views from the point where Mormon pioneers used to survey the city. In actuality, the tallest 18 foot monument is now located at the top to honor the pioneers of the first generation.

  1. Big Cottonwood Canyon

Just 12 miles out from Salt Lake City, this canyon is located in the Wasatch Mountain Range is most well-known for its two world-renowned ski resorts: Brighton Solitude and Brighton. Solitude. But, Big Cottonwood Canyon also provides some of Utah's finest choices for rock climbing, hiking fishing, and many more.

If you're on vacation mode, go easy by taking a stroll around tranquil Silver Lake. The trail is situated near Brighton Ski Resort and can be used by people of all abilities and ages because the majority of the trail is an unpaved boardwalk that runs around the lake.

For a more extended, demanding trek, Dog Lake is a popular hike that leads one through the alpine woodland hike towards a tiny lake.

The tour of the historical Temple Square

Temple Square is one of Utah's most visited tourist destinations and, with free tours throughout its 10 acres complex, is a should-see for those on a budget. Visitors can learn about the rich background of the square, which was the headquarters for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since their founding in 1847. The tour will also explain the reasons why it took nearly 40 years to construct the magnificent Salt Lake Temple.

Temple Square attracts both Salt Lake City residents and visitors all year round thanks to its blooming spring and summer flower gardens and enchanting illumination display in the winter holiday season.

Participate in a free rehearsal on Salt Lake Tabernacle. Salt Lake Tabernacle

In Temple Square, the Salt Lake Tabernacle is home of the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This huge, dome-shaped auditorium was built in 1867, and initially served as a space where LDS worshippers to listen to and hear the spoken word. To experience the amazing acoustics and huge pipes, guests are invited to attend free rehearsals for choirs, organ recitals, and the regular Music and the Spoken Word program.

The admission to Salt Lake Tabernacle is free. Organ recitals take place every day, as well as choir rehearsals. Music as well as Spoken Word are also offered. Spoken Word programs occur weekly. Be sure to visit on the Tabernacle website for their calendar of events.

Go on a tour of Utah State Capitol Building. Utah State Capitol Building

In the Utah State Capitol building, visitors on a tight budget can visit the building and grounds for free. Guided tours are available, but visitors are also able to choose self-guided tours by getting a brochure at the visitor's center located within the East doors of the Capitol, located on the 1st floor.

After hearing legislators discuss bills and admiring the stunning art work inside the capitol building, take time to relax outside, too. Apart from well-groomed landscapes, gardens and lawns include a number of memorials and monuments, including memorials for the Vietnam War memorial and the Mormon Batallion monument.

Visit a museum for military (or two)

If you're a budget-conscious traveler who is interested in the military, Salt Lake City has many options.

Fort Douglas Military Museum

Fort Douglas Military Museum Fort Douglas Military Museum is located in the area of the University/Foothill neighborhood which is located close to the University of Utah's campus. Fort Douglas was built at the end of 1862 in the American Civil War and now serves as a historical military museum. The museum is home to things and relics, including tanks transports, artillery helicopters, uniforms, and helicopters from different periods of military time. Although the museum is accessible for free, Donations are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Hill Aerospace Museum

As part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program, It is part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program. Hill Aerospace Museum can be described as part of the Heritage Program for the United States Air Force. Military aviation museum featuring greater than 90 aircraft as well as missiles and aerospace vehicles. The museum's huge collection and knowledgeable personnel have helped make it loved by aircraft as well as military enthusiasts. Visitors can be close enough to be able to touch their aircraft (though they should not) and at times, depending on the timing during their stay, they may be permitted to enter one. The entry fee to Hill Aerospace Museum is completely free, though donations are welcome.

Look up a well-known auto shop that is a custom-built

If you're a huge fan of Kindig It Designs' the popular series on MotorTrend or are just a fan of all things custom automobiles, You'll want to go on Kingdig It's tour of the showroom. For this 45 minute tour, visitors will be able to tour the showroom as well as see the shop's custom-built car workshop working. Based on the filming schedule, the tours are offered on Fridays, and they cost only $5.

Take a stroll through your way through the Gilgal Sculpture Garden

If you're in Downtown Salt Lake City on an income-based budget, make sure to take a look at the remarkable Gilgal Sculpture Garden. If you can locate it, then that's.

The quirky sculpture garden can be described as away from the main roads because many people go to it by accident, since it is hidden in the middle of the block between houses and other businesses. After you've located the garden, take a stroll among twelve sculptures as well as 70 stones, each engraved with Mormon poems, scriptures or philosophical passages. The garden's entrance is free.

Shop for souvenirs at Downtown Farmer's Market

If you're planning to put off the tourist cap (or the money belt) for a few hours, take a trip as the locals do by visiting the Salt Lake City's Downtown Farmer's Market. The market has been taking place in Pioneer Park since 1992 and is packed with more than the best of Utah's organic products. Market shoppers can get a bargain food item from the local food truck while they search for bargains on everything from souvenirs and art to jams made by hand and luxurious bath bombs.

The market is open to shoppers throughout the year, when it shifts to the famed Rio Grande building. Make sure to look up on the Downtown Farmer's Market program to determine when and when you are able to go.

There are several places to discover and learn more about this place. So, if you’re visiting and taking flights to the Dominican Republic, then take a stroll of the entire city and find out what’s hidden in those tiny bustling streets. Also, book your tickets with Lowest Flight Fare to avail impressive deals.