The city is situated on the breathtaking Caribbean coast in the northern part of Colombia, Cartagena is an amazing blend of ancient fortifications exquisite courtyards, luxurious eating and glitzy nightlife.

The most popular city in Colombia is the country's largest port, and its numerous fortifications are among the main attraction. The 17-foot thick walls fended off battles from pirates and invaders and are still in use today. Old town is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cartagena de Indias is also one of the most fashionable vacation spots within South America. The town's old, El Centro, has been transformed with its elegant courtyards of convents and colonial homes have been converted into luxurious boutique hotels that are attracting South American and international celebrities.

If you're looking for sun, the sea, or sand, exquisite nightlife, as well as a myriad of historic places to visit, there are plenty of good reasons to travel to Cartagena.

Take some time to explore the splendid attractions of this place, and make your trip worthwhile. While booking your flights from Guatemala City to Cartagena, don’t just fool around restaurants and tall buildings. Instead, take a good note of what’s under the table. 

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cartagena

1. Its Colorful History

Explore the city's historic walls by the Puerta del Reloj or clock tower gate. Then stroll through the cobbled, narrow streets, where stunning architecture, horse-drawn carriages magnificent cathedrals, beautiful squares and elegant cathedrals are enhanced by balconies adorned with flowers and outdoor cafés. The must-see places include The Palace of the Inquisition and Las Bovedas, an 18th-century cell where the cells have been turned into shops.

2. The Chivas

The brightly colored chiva buses travel through the city, accompanied by the carnival-like rhythm of the local music. Chivas are loved by everyone and families, couples or groups of buddies are able to locate departure points at a variety of areas, including tourist resorts such as those at the Hilton, Decameron, and Caribe by Faranda. Enjoy a chiva trip and visit Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, which is a massive fort which took more than 120 years to construct. You'll be able to go through the tunnels which kept soldiers in peace during times of conflict.

3. The Glorious Beaches

Take a look at the gorgeous people on Bocagrande which is the city's principal beach. Escape large crowds in Castillogrande or take a spin on one of the numerous things and water-based sports available on El Laguito. You can also take an excursion boat to the stunning beaches of the close Rosario Islands or beautiful Playa Blanca on the city's biggest island. With many miles of beaches to pick from, you'll find the perfect beach.

4. Amazing Contrasts

The Old Town and Bocagrande are the two main tourist destinations in Cartagena and are remarkably distinct. Its Old Town is defined by its 16th century Spanish Colonial architecture, while the luxurious condos and high-rises which border the beach at Bocagrande are modern. Take a break for a drink at Café Del Mar on the old northern ramparts and enjoy the stunning views of the ocean and bustling Avenida Santander and the breathtaking Bocagrande skyline. Or, climb the city's largest mountain towards Convento de la Popa; it was founded around 1607 and was erected by Augustinian monks, and you'll enjoy the breathtaking views of the city.

5. The Friendly Locals

Cartagena's people in Cartagena are extremely welcoming and are happy to enjoy the day with those searching for the best beach, the top party spot, or perhaps the most prestigious café.

There are several places to discover and learn more about this place. So, if you’re visiting and taking flights from Amritsar to Dubai flight, then take a stroll of the entire city and find out what’s hidden in those tiny bustling streets. Also, book your tickets with Lowest Flight Fare to avail impressive deals.