Are you traveling on a trip that doesn't come with bags? It's no problem, JetBlue Baggage check-in online! It is possible to add bags for checked baggage to your booking anytime prior to the departure of your flight.

When you plan to travel and visit here, you can avail the best flight with JetBlue Airways. You must also go through the JetBlue Airways baggage policy, to learn in detail about the allowed luggage and what is prohibited. 

You can add bags in your reservation when you've made your reservation, it's time to JetBlue Baggage check-in online.

The bags can be included in the reservation via our website. You can do this by clicking your Manage Trips option on Simply go to the Extras section and add bags and pay the applicable fees anytime prior to the time of departure.

You may also get in touch with us for assistance when the addition of bags onto your reservations.

During check-in

You'll be able to indicate the number of bags you'll be bringing along and pay for the fees applicable when you check in up to 24 hours of the departure date of your flight.

To make your life easier, it is recommended to check in on the internet or at any of the airport kiosks. When you check in there's no charge difference whether you are able to check your bags on the internet, at a kiosk or at the counter for check-in.

If you are checking in online, leave your luggage at the drop-off location for bags upon arrival at the airport. The crew member will scan your passport to verify your payment and verify your bag's count and weight, and then print your tag for your bag. Tag(s).

Blue Basic is the cheapest fare

Blue Basic fares do Not, You can also get a carry-on luggage bag or access to overhead bins.

Bags that aren't able to fit in the space in front of you will have to be checked prior to getting through security checks at the airport. Bags carried to the boarding areas are examined at the gate and charged the cost of $65 if this would be your first or second checked bag, or $180 if it is your third checked bag.

Bags that are checked through the gates will then be put in the cargo hold. They are available for collection on the carousel for baggage once you get to your destination.

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